Railway Group D Answer Keys DOWNLOAD 24 Sept Ques Papers / Shift 1 2 3 Analysis

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Railway Group D Answer Keys DOWNLOAD 24 Sept Ques Papers / Shift 1 2 3 Analysis:

Railway Recruitment Boards likely to release Railway Group D 24/9 Answer Keys of CBT Test held in 1st Shift,2nd Shift and 3rd Shifts. Subsequent to organizing 24-9-2018 Morning Shift / Afternoon Shift / Evening Shift 100 Questions Online CBT Test through websites shall publish Railway Group D Answer Keys, Questions Solutions, Paper Analysis etc through website.

RRB Group D Answer Keys 2018 Analysis

RRBs, Ministry of Indian Railways organizing the Group D CEN 02/2018 Online Computer Based Test commences 24 September onwards in 3 Shifts (Morn/ Aft/Eve). Railway Group D Answer Key CBT Exam (1st Shift / 2nd Shift / 3rd Shift) are anticipated to be published by RRBs giving Registration Link access through website. Candidates answered Group D 62907 vacancies CEN- 02/2018 Online Exam in respective Shift can get Answer Keys/ solutions and Analysis from links given.

Railway Group D Answer Keys 2018 Pdf

Due to huge numbers of Applications on Railway Group D 2018 Vacancies Online Computer Based Test for CEN 2/2018 has scheduled across the Country in 3 Shifts. Large numbers of candidates district wise has been allotted the Exam Centres/ Dates.

  • Examination Commencement Date– 24 September 2018

RRB Group D 24 September Answer Keys /Questions Analysis

Group D Examination carrying 100 questions Computer Based Test syllabling General Knowledge / General Science/ Arithmetic Aptitude and General Reasoning organized on 24/9/2018. Candidates seeking shift wise Answer Keys should keep updating from website.

RRB Group D CEN 02/2018 (Level 1 Posts) Answer KEYS-

Hereby are the Asked Questions-

Examination Analysis 24-09-2018 RRB Group D GK & General Science & Reasoning-

1) Ispat Production ranking of India surpassing US- 3rd

2) International Film Festival- Goa

3) Eggs contain WHICH Protien- Albumin

4) ICC Woman Lifetime Achievement award- Smita Raghavswamy

5) Audi Brand Ambassador- Virat Kohali

6) Kabaddi World Cup Winner- India

7) Light in Eye due to- Cornea

8) Bulb Filament consists of which metal- Tungsten

9) Jammu Kashmir High Court First Woman- Gita Mital

10) Puducherry Governor- Kiran Bedi

11) Which element is in 18th Group HE/ NEON/ Kripton/ Xenon

12) Acceleration UNIT- M/S2

13) FIFA world cup 2018 Golden Boot- Hery Cane

14) Pakistan High court Judge First Female – Tahira Safdan

15) G is highest at- Poles

16) CEO of Samsung- Kim ki Nan

17) Who is Niti Ayog Director- Narendra Modi

18) 16:60- 30:116

19) 17 Sept 1982- 17++582+20/7

20) Odd One out- Speed/ Break/Tire/Gear

22)9/2018 Answers 

General Knowledge

1) FIFA 2017 Best Player Award – Christiano Ronaldo

2) Gateway of India in Mumbai built in- 1911-12

3) Ivanka Trump participated in Business Summit at- Hyderabad

4) NITI Full Form- National Institute for Transforming India

5) Kalidas Award – Ram Gopal Bajaj

6) Partihari Dynasity FOUNDER- Harichandra

7) Wind Project of Tamil Nadu-

8) SEBI Chairman- Ajay Tyagi

9) Khulam Khula Autobiography is of- Rishi Kapur

10) CEO of Bajaj Auto- Ravi Bajaj

11) Governor of Assam- Jagdish Mukhi

12) Social Justice Day celebrated on- 20th February

13) Sarswati Award 2018 was given to – Sitanshu

14) Dynamite discovered by- A Nobel

15) Snooker Championship 2018 winner- Mark William


1) Bone-to-Bone Connection joint through – Ligament

2) Halogens belong to which group- 17th Group

3) Ferik Oxide- Fe2O3

4) PH 2,4,6,8 which will consist of most Hydrogen – 2

5) Gravitational Constant- Henry Kewendiskey


General Knowledge

  • Bahubali Movie Devsena Role played by- Anushka Shetty
  • Brand Ambassador of UK- Virat Kohali
  • Sachin Tendulkar completed 100th Century against- Bangladesh
  • Chief Justice of Allahabad HC- Dilip Babasaheb Bhosle
  • Rashid Khan belongs to- Sunrise Hyderabad
  • Capital of Hungry- Budapest
  • Dutee Chand belongs to (Odisha)- Athelete
  • Hima Das won the medal (Assam)- Gold Medal
  • Parmanu Movie Director- Abhishek Sharma
  • Malaria Day celebrated on- 25 April 2018
  • Governor of UP- Ram Naik
  • Govt of Uttarakhand- Kaptan Singh Solanki
  • Padman Movie based on- Sanitary Napkin
  • NCW Chairman- Rekha Sharma
  • Brand Ambassador of Gujarat Tourism- Amitabh Bachan


  • Largest Organ- Liver
  • Fertilization occurs in – Falopean Tube
  • Octave law given by- Newland
  • Law of Inertia is which number- Newton’ nEWTON’h lawa- by- Newland opean – Amitabh Bachanle
  • First Law
  • Transportation of Food in Plant-Phloem
  • Transportation of Water in Plants- Xylem
  • Melting Point of Tungeston- 3380
  • Protein Discoverer- Mulder
  • Centripetal Force- MV2/R
  • Acceleration Unit- M/S2
  • Atom Discovered by- Dalton
  • Vitamin K Chemical Name- Phylloquinone
  • Horizontal Lines are called- Periods
  • Blood Pressure of Human body- 120/80 mmkg
  • Candela is Unit of- Luminous Intensity
  • Total Elements in S Block- 13
  • Bronze= Copper +Tin

PREVIOUS- RRB Group D 20TH September 2018 Answer Keys

General Scince Questions-

  • Periodic Table-
  • Vitamin not contained by Fruits/ Vegitables- Vit-D
  • Hydra division- Budding
  • Ameoba- Binary Fision
  • Zigzag line indicates in Periodic Table- Metal/Non-Metal
  • Heavy Water Chemical Name-[2H]2
  • Total elements found in initial P.T- 63 Elements
  • Halogens are in – 17th Group
  • Acid in Tomato- Oxalic Acid
  • Depletion on Ozone cause- CFC/NO2/SO2
  • O2 Mol Mass- 16X2
  • Kinetic Energy= 1/2MV2
  • Heart contains how many chambers- Four
  • Insulin releases from- Pancreas
  • Melting Point of Tungston- 3380
  • Biggest Part of Brain- Cerebrum

Maths Questions 19th Sept[pdf]

  • Age
  • Questions Median, Mode
  • Geometry (Circle based, Triangle) Questions -2
  • Simplification

Reasoning Questions based on- Conclusion, Mirror Image, Cloak, Direction, Coding-Deconding, Calendar, Analogy

General Knowledge Questions-

  • GST Model running in India- Dual GST Model
  • Android Oreo Developer- Google
  • Operation Durga took place in – Haryana
  • Highest time winner of IPL- CSK
  • J&K Chief Justice of High Court- Gita Mittal
  • Highest Paid Actress in Bollywood- Dipika Padukone
  • IPL 2018 Winner- CSK
  • Governor of Assam- Jagdish Mukhi
  • Costliest Bollywood Movie in 2017- Bahubali
  • Biggest Banking Scam in India- PNB- Nirav Modi

RRB General Science First Shift / Second Shift Answer Keys

Railways Group D 18/9 News- Gen Science

  • RH Factor Discoverer- Leinstein
  • White Fibres present in- White Cells
  • Plants rise in Deserts named as- Zero Fight
  • Heaviest Metal- Os

Note- As scheduled There was Negative Marking of 1/3rd for every incorrect answer as said by RRBs.

RRB Group D Expected Cut off:

Railway RRB Board will decide the minimum Cut off Marks Category wise Cut off Marks. Candidate scoring higher than Cut off marks out of 100 will be further called for the Railway Group D Next round of Examination.

Result Date– Examination is been covering entirely through Online Computer Based Mode. So after release of Final Answer keys through Computer assessment Result will be declared through website.

First Shift  Time- 09:00Hrs (Morning) Answer Keys

Second Shift Time- 12:30Hrs (Afternoon) Answer Keys

Third Shift Time- 16:00Hrs (Evening) Answer Keys

Website of RRB Boards- www.indianrailways.gov.in

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