Cryptocurrencies’ Present & Future ~ How far Governments’ Call Impact Trading in Bitcoin/ Ripple- See Analysis

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Cryptocurrencies’ Present & Future ~ How far Governments’ Call Impact Trading in Bitcoin/ Ripple- See Analysis:

The increasing value of Bitcoin cryptocurrency in recent time enchanted the large numbers of people across various countries in all continents. But as per latest reports after getting the Cryptocurrency’s security risks, Governments warning to bitcoin traders & the sudden fall in Prices have created a kind of uncertainty among the Bitcoin, Ripple & other cryptocurrency users.

Cryptocurrencies’ Present & Future- Analysis

Cryptocurrency users along with new investors are now having the worry of their wallet Security and are somehow feared of Cybercrimes. As per latest report the skyrocking hike in Bitcoin Prices in December last year made the Cryptocurrency very attractive target of cybercriminals, who use various methods to get their hands on others’ private keys/ wallets.”

NEWS: The United States SEC, CFTC (Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission) are set to testify on the cryptocurrenies in next week during a US Senate hearing. On 6th February the Chief of SEC & Chief of CFTC to appear as witnesses.  

In briefing with the Cyber or malware expert sources reached to the point that Security of any Cryptocurrency in present day including Bitcoin, Ripple & others are somehow at risk but not in that state it can’t be protected. Bitcoin or any other visual currency user can protect their private keys, Wallets from cyberattacks by saving the important security keys Offline.

Governments’ Catch on Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ripple): Investors View

The Cryptocurrency investors & traders feel that the pressure is being imposed on the Cryptocurrencies & that hugely affect the prices and reliability among Bitcoin and other visual currency users. Several Governments, Organizations & authorities are trying to impose their regulations and on the name of examining the security and individual rights pressurize the investors and this off-course causes fall in prices.

Trading Cryptocurrency has become Big Risk: Governments’ View

Based on the several news heading the cryptocurrency market has been highlighted under pressure in recent week. After several Governments approaches in western countries & Asia specifically South Korea’s on mulling trading ban on Bitcoin or relevant currencies prices tumbled down around 20% between January

Suggestions on Cryptocurrencies’ Security:

As per the Security aspects is concerned the experts suggest the people to keep safe their Bitcoin Wallets either by storing their bitcoin in offline wallets or keep their private security keys away from Computer. “The safest way for users to store their bitcoin is to use offline wallets which are not connected to a computer.

Cryptocurrencies’ Present & Future ~ How far Governments’ Call Impact Trading- Analysis

Cryptocurrencies’ Future (Bitcoin Specially): Despite of observing the phenomenal increase in recent times in the price of virtual currencies including Bitcoin, Ripple in South Korea- Asia and globally the situation which seems may be risky for users. After differ response from Western & Eastern Countries Bitcoin and related virtual currencies are facing imbalance. As per accusations from Investors “THE CATCH” from several Governments & organizations are continuously on for tagging these currencies full of risk and avoiding them, this is also a major challenge said by Vice Chairman.

Worldwide Countdown of Bitcoin News

India on Mining Facilities:

Indian Government (ASSOCHAM), has issued multiple warnings to Bitcoin users in recent days and despite of that the Indian Government has been approached for Mining. The Big question is that will India Mine after China’s imbalance on mining.

South Korea urges Nations/ Organization for Collaboration in curbing Cryptocurrency:

The South Korean Financial supervisory Vice Chairman or Representative urged the financial regulators, several countries, IMF (International Monetary Fund) & EU (European Union) to collaborate on restriction Cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin in Russia:

As per Indonesian Survey report the Majority of Youth and Professionals in Russia are aware about the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is most popular word in the Social Media and around 66% Internet users are having the Knowledge of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency & Trading. Russian market is growing in the form of cryptocurrency users and they also have learned about the decentralizing the cryptocurrency.

Indonesian Bank: Don’t Sell, Buy and Trade Cryptocurrency

Ukraine: Legal Bitcoin” after Natsbank Mulls E-Fiat

Brazil:  Regulators prohibits funds from investing in Virtual currencies.

China: Regulatory Authority warns of risks of initial miner offerings

Russia- Positive about Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Trading

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