No Mercy in Weather this Week ~ Bomb Cyclone affected Entire East Coast| Weekly Report Florida, New England Boston

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No Mercy in Weather this Week ~ Bomb Cyclone affected Entire East Coast| Weekly Report Virginia Florida, New England Boston:

“Monster nor’easter is seen spinning of the Atlantic Northeast. Monster nor’easter is slamming east coast with intense wind, snow, rain & hail twitted NASA”. After the huge flood and strong hurricane caused by “Bomb Cyclone” the lives in most of the East Coast regions are continuously becoming tough. The Cold weather has taken the shape of Brutal and hazardous in North East region and Bomb Cyclone with seems to move toward the Mid & West Coast Regions in upcoming weak. The Bomb storm was among the fastest developing storms and felt as strongest cyclone in recent decades.

Atleast Six people have been died due to the Monster nor’easter or BOMB Cyclone in East Coast yet and based on NASA report Cyclone seems to affect more areas in East Coast including Virginia, Newyork, Baltimore & other ones.

Bomb Cyclone caused Disaster in East Coast- Midwest

Brutal Cool Weather across the North East: The deployment of hundreds of workers, troopers to clear roads, National Guard troops’ mobilization in the Northeast, and Midwest significantly highlights the brutal images of Bomb Cyclone. The record Low temperature in several parts of East Coast including Florida (epicenter of Bomb Cyclone), South Carolina, Georgia, Boston & other has made the life of people tough. Because of this severe & brutal weather along with the fall of centimeters of Snow the homes, businesses and travelers are continuously being affected.

Not only Human kind, Animals especially iguana and other leaving beings are too impacted hugely.

Progress on Bomb Cyclone/ Severe Weather from Govt

After press conferences from Mayors from several states including Boston Mayor, New York Governor post declaring emergency, the decision to help the People and keep their lives safe from this record low temperature and roaring cyclone. After special instructions to autjorities, Airports the decline in daily flight cancelation and other progress remain continue across the Week.

Bomb Cyclone affected Entire East Coast| Weekly Report

As per officials this Storm, severe weather is among strongest winter storms on the East Coast in modern history or we can say in several decades named Bomb Cyclone. It has thrashed the cities with snow and sleet, forcing schools and businesses to close while grounding thousands of flights. Here are the key highlights of the entire week remained peak on Bomb Cyclone-

  • On Thursday the National Weather Service issued a freeze warning for parts of South Florida and others
  • Bomb Cyclone hits east coast, mainly Florida with chill winds and heavy storm.
  • East Coast felt cyclone of winds at 70mph speed.
  • Severe cold weather with huge down in Temperature hits New York, Florida & Boston
  • Mayors and Governors made emergency meatings
  • People in Florida observed half foot of ice
  • The storm affected the Common people to businesses and travelers’ plan reported in News reports.
  • From Virginia to Maine the huge power cuts paused the people’s life and created a risk across the region.


Despite of the States’ emergency by the National Weather Services people and authorities (from Rail, Airports to the Roads) found unprepared for the warning.

The Cyclone which was initiated from Florida, Georgia & South Carolina in first two days after getting rapid development created the Conditions worsening in Washington D.C too. People spent their lives under long Electricity cuts and at hard freeze overnight locations under massive winter storm covering with heavy snow, hurricane winds.

People from Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, New York and other parts lost their lives due to this Cyclone named Monster nor’easter or Bomb Cyclone.

bomb cyclone report

People left without Power

More than 100,000 people and families lost power under the influence of Bomb Storm, heavy winds in East Coast. In the New England states, Massachusetts was hit with more than 22,000 outages in Thursday afternoon.

News on Bomb Cyclone:

Over 4 inches of rain have fallen in eastern Long Island and parts of eastern Massachusetts.

Connecticut and Boston are getting hit with heavy rain, flooding

The Fast developing Storm in recent time caused the Naming of storm “Bomb Cyclone” with huge destruction and brutal winds.  The Cyclone two days ago initiated in the Gulf of Mexico and first struck the Florida Panhandle.


The storm caused East Coast regions’ school and business closings, Rail and Airline services cancellations.

Cyclone started havoc as blizzard warnings and caused the states of Emergency.

  • Boston Bruins home game against the Florida Panthers postponed because of the snow storm battering New England. (The National Hockey League hasn’t announced the date and time of the rescheduled game. Tickets for Thursday’s game will be valid for the makeup)
  • Immobility of Green iguanas, like all reptiles, are cold-blooded animals, so when the temperature falls to a certain level iguanas become immobile.

Temperatures are likely to drop below freezing several places could even set new record lows. Bitterly cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills are seem to eastern third of the country this weekend. Wind Chills could reach 25 to 40 degrees below zero, especially New England said National Weather Services.


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