People Love to have Sex Near Christmas | Scientific Research Claims

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People Love to have Sex Near Christmas | Scientific Research Claims:

Based on the Scientific Study across the Western and Northern Hemisphere Countries People love to have Sex on Christmas or Holidays fall in December month. Based on the Google Trends or web searches survey across the different countries, Cultural hypothesis coincides with religious celebrations like Christmas & Ramadan drives the observed Birth Cycle.

People Celebrates Christmas/ Holidays in Special Way

As per study mostly in the Western and Northern Hemisphere countries, births tend to peak in September month, corresponding to early winter conceptions. This tendency signifies that the conception peak in Christian majority countries remain in December or in winter, around Christmas and after nine months People love to listen their Baby Boom.

People Love to have Sex Near Christmas

The Scientists accepted that seasons make reverse but the trend of conceptions and Birth remain same. The researchers also think that it’s a cultural trend. As per new reports indications the hike in birth rates is because of cultural factors and which has some connections to holidays specially winter session, Christmas week.

Religious celebrations, like Christmas are suggesting that culture drives the observed birth cycles. Culture and biology certainly influence each other, and it is very likely that both influence sexual drive.

About New Scientific Report on Web Search Basis-

As per New Scientific Report a new Article based on Human Reproductive Cycle shows that the Biological Hypothesis proposes that Human reproductive cycles are an adaptation to the Seasonal Cycles whereas the Cultural Hypothesis proposes that conception dates are due to cultural factors, such as Holidays including Christmas.

Western, Northern Hemisphere/ Christian Countries Chart  


The scientists confirmed that interest in sex does peak during Christmas in countries that are majority Christians particularly Western and Northern Hemisphere and they correlate with an increase in births nine months later that means in September month.

The spike was consistent for Christmas in countries that were majority Christian, and about the end of Ramadan for countries that are majority of Muslims.

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