Nissan Develops Self Driving Car | Claims best Brain Technological Device EEG will help Future Autonomous Vehicles’ Dream

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Nissan Develops Self Driving Car | Claims best Brain Technological Device EEG will help Future Autonomous Vehicles’ Dream:

Japanese Automobile Manufacturer Nissan is bringing Technology in Vehicles to Self-Driving using Brain device and claim to has created a brain assisted car. As per reports Nissan is working on the project which can link the Car Technology and Brain device to get self-driving vehicle using EEG Brain Technological smart device. Nissan said bringing the self-driving vehicle technology based on Brain waves would help to low down the Accident risk and their technology would be best fitted for the Technology users.

Nissan Self Driving Car using EEG Brain Technology

Japanese multinational company Nissan which was famous for world’s biggest Electric Vehicle manufacturer few months ago, currently in collaboration with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and others working on making a device through which a vehicle could drive of its own using brain of a man inside the vehicle. Nissan said their device is easy to wear because of its lightweight and high performance dry sensors.

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Though other car companies have also tried to work on the same type of EEG Technology including Jaguar and Renault. Their performances in EEG Tech and devices weren’t able to give best outcomes as estimated. But before the Nissan brain device the same idea to bring Brain Waves into Driving Experience was initiated by other manufacturers too.

Nissan Develops Self Driving Car

Nissan’s Research in Brain Technology and Success:

From 2011 onwards the idea to measure a driver’s brain waves and creating a device or technology for vehicle use and bringing to the road has been felt and tested by other Automobile or Car manufacturer multinational companies including Jaguar in 2015 and Renault in 2016 and they selected the same EEG Technology. But in order to make sure to bringing the Technology to road and providing reliable device which works on brain waves and gives the reality in self driving vehicle is Nissan in 2018.

Representative for Nissan added that the device the company has been using for research needs is “smaller and more stable”

Nissan EEG Technology Collaboration:

To create a brain-assisted car Nissan has been working with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which helped create the Cybathalon, a competition where people with disabilities competed in challenges using assistive technologies like EEG. Nissan is also collaborating with the National Institute of Scientific Research Canada, and Bitbrain, (Spain) on brain-computer interfaces.

Nissan’s Technological Achievements:

Nissan is among the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer and has remained top-selling vehicle was the Nissan Leaf and the world’s top-selling highway-capable plug-in electric car in history in 2016. Now as per latest Technical project Nissan is working on self-driving technology and is seeking full-fledged success in market. Nissan also said that upcoming decade will be full of autonomous cars and this may start from the year 2021.

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