Samsung unveiled 146 Inches ‘The Wall’ MicroLED TV ~ CES 2018 Las Vegas Samsung AI Resolution Technology

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Samsung unveiled 146 Inches ‘The Wall’ MicroLED TV ~ CES 2018 Las Vegas Samsung AI Resolution Technology:

In the CES 2018 Tech Trade show in Las Vegas Samsung unveiled “The Wall” 146 Inches MicroLED TV of 4K resolution in front of spectators.  Samsung pitched The Wall as World’s first Modular TV as well claimed the MicroLED technology different from LED and OLED. At CES 2018, Samsung has also unveiled the Q9S 8K QLED TV Display that comes with more pixels and AI inside. Samsung has planned to bring the TV in market by year end.

Samsung “The Wall” 146 Inches MicroLED 4K TV

Samsung bringing the Super Hi-Vision Display resolution in 146 Inches pitched “The Wall” in CES 2018 Tech Show brought the MicroLED Technology for Display first time in Tech Show. After the OLED Display in 8K resolution by LG, Samsung pitched the larger size QLED 4K Modular TV which is being pitched to surpass the OLED quality of LG & other companies.

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Samsung in Las Vegas with Modular Screen with 4k displayed The Wall 144 inches TV and confirmed its presence in competition LG & other companies in Costliest TVs Race. As per Samsung official report the MicroLED Technology & modular screen are the best among other OLED & LED Screens and has difference at all stages. Modular Screen has been pitched as it can be used to create a wall-sized display, simply as traditional screen size to suit.

Samsung MicroLED v/s OLED Evaluation:       

Samsung’s commercialization of MicroLED Display TV with Wall Sized or 144 inches has now begun and at the time of global launch it will be best among others including OLED Technology or else said by Samsung.

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  • MicroLED emit their own light similar to OLED and in no form required a backlight.
  • It will compete with OLED in Dark Black
  • Samsung says The Wall has Bezel-less design and can be adjusted according to the Customers’ need.
  • The Wall “could be sized smaller than 146 inches.” Though the 146-inch model at CES comes in 4K
  • The device isn’t restricted to a particular resolution & could be set according to need.

Global Launch of Samsung MicroLED TV:

Samsung bringing the world’s first modular TV pitched ‘The Wall”. The First look of 144 Inches MicroLED TV has been made at CES 2018 tech trade show in Las Vegas.

As per Samsung plan “The Wall” MicroLED Display TV 4k will be launched globally sometime in Spring of 2018 & the details including Price, Features in details & other brochure will be released soon.

CES Tech Trade Show 2018 Las Vegas


Questions still remaining in mind of Customers:

At CES 2018, Samsung showcased the ‘The Wall’MicroLED modular TV and its specific features but Samsung did not reveal much about the Technology, availability and price of the 146-inch 4K TV

MicroLED Technology in Brief: Though the same kind of MicroLED technology was prescribed by Sony in 2012 but the launched never happened for Sony’s Technology in Market. The MicroLED technology is different and best among LED and OLED technologies said by Samsung.

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