Scientists proved Santa Claus Existed ~ Before Christmas St Nicholas Evidences- Relics found

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Scientists proved Santa Claus Existed ~ Before Christmas St Nicholas Evidences- Relics found

The News on the Santa Claus’ Existence are again in highlights of several leading News Agencies, this time Scientists from Oxford University have claimed that their study says Santa Claus or St Nicholas existed. The Tales of Santa Claus which remain in Children’ heart and soul around the year & mostly in December month are seemingly get the little real possibilities. Scientist in their new research have given the clue by dating a bone said to belong to St Nicholas & the same Century in which he died.

Scientist offered Santa Claus Existence Evidences

The questions on the existence of Santa Claus remain the highly debated and in previous times several Departments including US Air Force & other agencies suspected the question on Existence of St Nicholas or Santa Claus which depicted as a big, cheery person remains in red clothes and white beard.

Oxford University Researchers after the bone study analyzed that the bone study they have are the big evidences on Santa Claus and claimed that bone they have belong to that Century which Nicholas died around Fourth Century or 343 AD.

Scientist accept evidences of St Nicholas/ Santa Claus existence

According to reports the results which Scientist have received on relics are encouraging & may turn to the Bari and Venice relics to attempt to show that the bone remains are from the same individual- said co-director of the Oxford Relics Centre.

As per other reports there is perceptions that Saint Nicholas lived in Myra (near Demre the modern Turkish town) and his relics were carried away by Italian mariners.

Present Day Condition and Santa Claus Trending

The Christmas festival is very near from now and the Santa Claus and his tales have become among the key discussions in Children and families. Though some parents wonder whether they are harming their children by engaging with Santa Claus’s myths. But as per latest claims and predicts along with a past phrase where in 1897 the editor from The (New York) Sun an Editorial appeared terming highly popular Christmas folklore “ Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” these all exemplified the existence of St Nicholas or Santa Claus.

NOTE: St Nicholas, the inspiration for Father Christmas belonged to same century near Turkey and was highly known for his generosity & was said to have died in 343 AD.

What Researchers got on Santa Claus:

Oxford University researchers recently scrutinized a micro-sample of a pelvis fragment and found that it dated back to the 4th century in which St Nicholas is believed to have lived.

The scientists said that the present bone fragment was of the left pubis – the lower part of the pelvis – while the Bari collection only contains the upper part of the bone, suggesting they could be from the same person.

  • The next step in proving Santa Claus was real is an attempt to match DNA with other bone fragments found in Italy said researchers.

Santa Claus tale

YesVirginiathere is a Santa Claus:

YesVirginiathere is a Santa Claus” is a phrase from an editorial terming that the existence of Santa Claus. The editorial first appeared in the edition of The (New York) Sun on September 21st, 1897. Since that time it has become part of popular Christmas folklore in the United States.

Back Story– Virginia O’Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York’s Sun, and the quick response was printed as an unsigned editorial Sept. 21, 1897 as “YesVirginiathere is a Santa Claus”.

Latest News on Santa Claus Existence

  1. Earlier this year St Nicholas’s tomb is believed to have been discovered by archaeologists.
  2. Recently the US Air Force crushed the zeal of Christmasfor millions of children by publicly denying the existence of Santa Claus. US Air Force (USAF) through his Twitter official account publicly denied this on social media, exactly two months before he dons the red coat to deliver.
  3. Scientist claimed back the Existence of St Nicholas on the base of their research on relics (bones) which seemed to belong to his Century.

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