Majority of People fear of Self-Driving Vehicles on road | Participate in Worldwide Survey on Autonomous Vehicles

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Majority of People fear of Self-Driving Vehicles on road | Participate in Worldwide Survey on Autonomous Vehicles:

As per the latest survey despite of releasing new EEG & other Self Driving Technologies by various automobile companies including Nissan, Jaguar, Toyota & others- Americans still worry about the Technologies and fear to share the road with Self Driving vehicles. Americans also want the Government should impose the minimum safety requirements & other regulations on these Self Driving Vehicles.

Self-Driving Cars are big Risk on Road- American Survey

The New survey which made public by Advocates of Highway and Road Safety signals that 64 percent of Americans still worried about sharing the road with self-driving vehicles & feel the current technology most risky. This report clearly signals that Americans don’t rely on self-driving cars or other vehicles. 31 Percent people believe that they are ‘very much concerned’ on the self-driving vehicle or Driverless Vehicle issue whereas 33 percent accepted that they remain ‘somewhat concerned’.

Majority of Americans don’t feel comfortable with autonomous vehicles and fear that remotely vehicle controls can be disable at any time, such as steering wheel, and brake and gas pedal etc. Autonomous vehicle is being operated by the computer and the risk of accident always remain if the vehicle rides on road for self and to others.

After enlisted the new incidents happened on road with Autonomous vehicles the Survey by Advocates is published & has set an alarm for Companies which are working on Self Driving Vehicle technologies.

This setback and concern of Americans just came after the CES 2018 Tech show where large numbers of Automobile companies showcased their Self Driving or autonomous vehicle technologies for the first time.

Public Opinion on Autonomous Vehicle Law & Regulation:

After the Tech Show several companies (Nissan Self Driving Technology) are in the line to put their Autonomous Computer controller vehicles on the American road despite of road safety strict norms said by natives. Also the Govt officials don’t want to intervene in this kind of big matter of Road safety and even the big risk on road.

Department on Note:

In perception of emeritus of Advocates of Highways & Road Safety the Department of Transportation (DoT) needs to issue some regulations as driverless vehicles are put onto the road to ensure a minimum level of safety and security.

What is happening in Senate:

Congress is considering legislation that gives the industry wide latitude to deploy autonomous vehicles on public roads without obeying existing safety standards & norms. The legislation is anticipating states to pass their own laws on regulating driverless cars, which the industry argues is necessary to avoid a patchwork of state rules. The House of Representatives has approved its version of the bill, while the Senate bill is still awaiting approval before it comes to the floor for a vote.

Self-Driving Vehicles on road | Participate in Worldwide Survey-  

  • Autonomous Vehicles are big risk on Road- 64% VOTE NOW
  • Autonomous vehicle is risk but today’s requirement- 36% VOTE NOW

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