Super Visa Insurance | Application Requirements for Parents ~ Canada New Policies / Rates

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Super Visa Insurance | Application Requirements for Parents ~ Canada New Policies / Rates:

Super Visa Insurance in Canada for Parents and Grandparents is introduced here with ease and proceedings made in recent days by Canadian Government. Citizens aspiring for bringing Parents or Grandparents to visit them in Canada under Super Visa Insurance are hereby conveyed the requisites/ new reforms/ eligibility conditions/ expert suggestions.

Canadian Super Visa Insurance/ Eligibility

Super Visa for Canada was introduced by Government for applicants who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Hereby the insurance plans/ companies comparison/ Super Visa Applications/ minimum income requisites & relevant conditions for aspirant having will to visit family in Canada are being conveyed.

“Fulfilling minimum eligibility, Medical Insurance Coverage as required, help aspirants to get Super Visa through ease”- A.K Shenoy.

Based on law Canadian Government has implemented the norms for the said new Visa for Parents and Grandparents to visit in Canada

Super Visa Insurance | Application Module

NOTE: There are several of Medical Insurance plans are being paid as truthful among several Canadian Insurance companies that offers you a special Super Visa Insurance monthly Payment Option

Refund of Super Visa Insurance Application- In case your Super Visa application was not approved, all you need to do is to contact us and provide a copy of the official Letter.

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SVIQ Business Calculation-

Aspirants using  some selected Canadian Super Visa medical insurance Calculator shared by some of the lenders to get the exact Super Visa Insurance Quote (SVIQ) for an insurance policy.

Super Visa Application Eligibility-

Prior to go for Application for Canada Super Visa applicants have to buy a Private Health Insurance from any Canadian insurer/ lender.

From whom an insurance could be bought Applicants should ensure that insurer should be fully licensed & offering on affordable rates/ refusing terms & policies. Checking record/ experience details of insurer would benefit that all.

  • Persons who are in Canada on a work visa or Parent – Super Visa Insurance
  • Grandparent Super Visa Insurance
  • New immigrants who are looking forward to Canadian Government’s Health Insurance Plan Coverage.

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Income Requirement

Income requirement for family members near around-

No of Family Members Tentative Requirement
1 person(your child or grandchild) $24,600
2 persons $30,625
3 persons $37,650
4 persons $45,712

Documents/ Requisite for Super Visa

  • Proof of Child or Grandchild which should meet the minimum income threshold required for Super Visa for Parents/ Grandparents.
  • For obtaining financial support from Child/ Grandchild a Statement in Written is needed.
  • Letter of invitation
  • Medical Insurance Coverage for one year with a minimum of $100000.

To Do list

Comparing companies & getting required coverage can help the aspirants.

Anyhow Super Visa Refusal-

Providing proof of the Rejection of Super Visa Application will be the necessity in order to process the cancellation request as per norms.