Trump Says US Could ‘Conceivably Return’ to Paris Climate Agreement | Is Norway persuaded the President for COP15

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Trump Says US Could ‘Conceivably Return’ to Paris Climate Agreement | Is Norway persuaded the President for COP15:

As per the latest report from White House US President Donald Trump said that US could conceivably return to ‘Paris Climate Accord’ but didn’t signaled much on the future planning or clear stand of USA after pulling back from in June 2017. President Trump during an interview on asking about Paris Climate 2015 accord said that COP15 “is an agreement I have no problem with, but I have problem with the agreement they signed because as usual they made the bad deal” So we can conceivably go back in,” added the president during a conference.

US could Conceivably Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement said Trump

After withdrawal from Paris Climate Change Agreement previous Year in June & continuous backing his stern decision on COP15 since came into power and through latest approach in his tweet on Coldest East Coast and New Year’s eve President Trump defended his decision to cease USA participation in Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump through latest briefing on “Conceivably Return to Paris Agreement” gave shock to the decision supporters who believed the Trump’s stern stand on Paris Climate Agreement abandonment could best serve the nation.

Trump claims himself “Environmentalism Champion”:

On Wednesday US President Donald Trump after during the meet with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg gave the hope to Paris Climate Agreement COP15. Trump called himself Champion of Environmentalism.

President also added that “I feel very strongly about the environment”. “We want to have clean water, clean air but we also want businesses that can compete”.

Praising the great asset of Norway on the Water management & harvesting President Trump asserted that Trump administration feels very strongly about the environment.

Trump’s turn on COP15 Paris Climate Change:

As per scientific viewpoint the change in weather in East Coast specifically caused by “Bomb Storm” and Climate Scientists pressure made the Trump to think about the decision.

President Trump from the beginning of the presidential term had the intention to pull USA from Paris Accord 2015 on curbing Global Warming emission last June.

Impact on Global efforts to limit Global Warming:

The pullout and ceasing USA participation from the COP15 at a huge stage jeopardize the efforts being made by Global Community US Climate Scientists said. Earlier decision of President Trump to cease US participation in Paris Climate Agreement was under continuous oppose from United State Climate Alliance, NOAA & other organizations who were constantly opposed the President’s move.

In June, Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change and decided to renegotiate the Accord on which once 190 countries were signed the accord during the previous Obama administration including USA.

Highlights of the Conference in terms of Paris Climate Accord:


Trump during news conference with Norwegian Prime Minister reached to this new level to rejoin the Accord. Trump in conference asserted that the proforma of COP15 or Paris Agreement has been drawn in a way that it is very unfair to the United States & its GDP & it has put great penalties on Americans & it’s difficult for us to deal in terms of business. Trump said his chief concern with the accord is that it has treated the US very unfairly and if a better deal could be proposed US might be persuaded to rejoin the COP15.
“So we could conceivably go back in,” Trump said, stressing his administration’s commitment to environmental issues, “clean water, clean air”, but added, “we also want businesses that can compete”.

Paris Climate Agreement:

COP15 Accord is designed in a way to control Climate Change by keeping the Global Temperature Rise in current Century well below 2’ Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5’ Celsius. In Scientists point of view after the withdrawal US has appeared far isolated on this issue in Global community over Climate Change Accord.

  • President strongly defended the decision on which USA stand but also highlighted that doors are not closed and if the changes come in favor of Americans USA could conceivably rejoin the Agreement.

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