US Marine Rob O’Neill who killed Laden thrown off from American Flight

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US Marine Rob O’Neill who killed Laden thrown off from American Flight:

The Former US Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill on last Sunday thrown off from the Flight. Rob O’Neill, who claims to have killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011 Surgical Strike in Abbottabad, Pakistan was reportedly asked to leave an American Airlines flight when he was with his family. On 25th Feb eyewitnesses described that Rob O’Neill a former US Navy SEAL Commando boarded the flight with wife at Nashville Airport (Tennessee) but they were too drunk.

US Marine SEAL Thrown off from Flight

US Marine SEAL

Rob O’Neill was selected for operation Abbottabad and he killed the most wanted Terrorist of USA in 2011. As per reports for being drunk in American Flight at Nashville Airport US Marine SEAL Commando also shouted on Flight attendant and due to his misbehavior he was thrown off from Flight.

US Marine Rob O’Neill News

Based on TMZ report Rob O’Neil with his new wife Jessica on Sunday, February 25 was in unconsciousness and due to rude behavior thrown off bby cops who escorted him off the plane.

From sources the Rob O’Neill a brave SEAL Commando later was given rebooking of another flight by American Airlines. Law enforcement booked a cab to hotel to him just because of his Drunkenness.

Rob O’Neil became loud and forced the staff members of the American Airlines to call Cops told reports. But he wasn’t arrested. The police report also states that “an active warrant” was out against the former US Navy SEAL, but it was “in-state for Texas only”.

The former US Navy SEAL had claimed that he fired the headshot that killed Osama bin Laden when he was part of SEAL Team Six which stormed into the Al Qaeda leader’s compound in Pakistan in 2011.

O’Neill had taken part in Abbottabad Operation (declared for killing Osama Bin Laden) and other rescue missions in Maersk Alabama in saving hostages from Somali pirates before officially taking retirement in 2012.


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